Twitter's New AlgorithmIn the good old days every tweet you sent would be seen by the public. This gave you the opportunity to reach people far and wide. No more!

Last month Twitter rolled out a new algorithm-based timeline very similar to Facebook’s. Your tweets are now  curated  and sorted based on “relevant” tweets. Who decides if your tweets are “relevant” enough to be seen by the public and your followers, a computer program.

This means your tweets are now in competition with every dog GIF, Kim Kardashian tweet and piano playing cat video. Who do you think is gong to win this battle?

Companies with thousands of followers have seen significant reduction in clicks, resulting in a reduction in website traffic; some reports say as much 50%. “A business that requires free traffic to survive isn’t a business at all.”
(Perry Marshal)

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Do not rely on free traffic as your main source of website traffic. You don’t own your social media sites, which puts you at the mercy of  every change that they make. Do you really want to give social media sites all this power and influence on the success of your business?

I’ve been preaching for years that you should be using social media marketing to build your own marketing assets  – Your EMAIL LIST, or TEXT LIST. Yes, maybe even a DIRECT MAIL LIST. This twitter algorithm change is further evidence that this is a smart marketing strategy.

In my opinion too many business have relied too strongly on so-called free social media marketing. If you do a lot of social media marketing, you know it’s very time consuming and like the saying goes, “time is money”

Think of it this way, would you rather pay rent to a landlord forever or invest in buying a house that will most likely become a growing, valuable asset?
List-building is asset building.

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