Although SMS (Text Message) have been around for a long time now, it’s still an effective form of communication all over the world. Marketing researchers forecast that SMS will continue to grow. The biggest advantage of SMS (Text Message) marketing is, all mobile phones have SMS capabilities.

But how does SMS marketing work? How is it done and how can your business benefit from using it in your business?

SMS marketing basically works by programming a software to send messages at scheduled times, for specific purposes. It may sound simple, but there are many marketing benefits you can get from implementing SMS marketing. 

  1. Appointment Reminders

Many small businesses rely on regular appointment visits by their patients or customers for income. A missed appointment will result in loss of income for the business.

Instead of manually listing the scheduled appointments, sending individual SMS or making hours of appointment reminder phone calls.

All you have to do is to schedule an appointment, input it to the system and a Text Message will be sent to the client reminding them of their appointment with you. 

  1. Gathering Leads

With SMS marketing, you can create an SMS/Text list that you can send periodic promotions or important information to.  For example coupons, announcements about specific events like anniversaries, sales or special promotions.

You can build your SMS/Text list by creating a short code that you include on posters, flyers or even your website. Start an SMS/Text VIP Club, run a contest. You have to give your audience reasons to opt-in  to your SMS marketing program. 

  1. Birthday Greetings!

Although your client knows this is automated, it still feels special if you “remember” their birthday and even more special if you offer  them a gift or reward for being a valued customer, client or patient.

These are just three of the things you can do with SMS/Text Message Marketing. Please contact me for a FREE Coaching Session if you would like to explore how you can use SMS/Text Message Marketing in your business.

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