Why Should Small Business Owners Hire Experts?

Short answer; most small business owners don’t know what they don’t know and they never seem to have the time to learn and implement what they need to do.

Despite all the free information that is available to small business owners, I recently read that 80% of all small businesses fail within 5 years. Why is that?

According to Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth, most businesses are started by TECHNICIANS. People who have the skills to perform a specific task. They assume that because they have been doing that task for many years they will automatically know how to start and grow a thriving business.

This is a false assumption that leads to the high failure rate for business start-ups. Just because you’ve been a plumber for 10 years doesn’t mean you know how to run a plumbing business.

Are The Technical Skills You Have Enough To Start And Grow A Business?

So you worked in the IT department for a big firm for 20 years, does that mean you have the skills and knowledge to start and grow your own IT company? All the research says no.

Small business owners tend to wear many hats; they are the marketing department, the sales force and the bookkeeper. None of these important areas are usually part of their technical skills, so they end up doing them very poorly.

Do they teach a lot about marketing and sales in plumbing or IT school? How many hours of training on bookkeeping do doctors get in med school?

Business owners don’t or can’t find the time to learn and implement the things they need to make their businesses a remarkable success.

Hiring  EXPERTS will give them the best chance of succeeding beyond 5 years. Experts spend years developing their expertise, reading book/articles/magazines, taking courses, attending seminars and workshops, watching videos and listening to podcasts.

The best experts tend to be life-long learners and students of their specialized area. Partnering with an expert allows business owners to get access to a wealth of information, skills and resources without having to spend hours, even years trying to learn and implement things on their own. You can look at it as a short-cut to acquiring a massive amount of skills and knowledge.

Hiring an expert gives business owners the freedom to do the aspects of their business that they are passionate about. It lets them spend most of their time on the things they love to do; usually the daily technical part of their business.

Experts will strengthen your weaknesses, provide you with insights into things you would have never thought of and give you the best chance to succeed. The bottom-line is, no matter how smart or motivated you are, you can’t know everything or do everything for yourself.  Trying to do everything on your own will surely limit your success.

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