Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing.


smal business marketing - email marketingShort answer, YES! It’s understandable why so many businesses and sales professionals are spending so much money and efforts on Social Media Marketing; there are many benefits.

However, all the empirical data I found during my research indicates that Email marketing can be more effective than social media marketing depending on your social media objectives. Email is still a more effective sales and communications channel than social networking sites.

Facebook’s organic (free) is averaging around 6%.  The average “click through” rate for ads is about 0.119%. Linked news-feed ads average around .3% “click through” rate.

Twitter ads “click through” rate is about 1.64%. The more followers you have, the fewer clicks you’ll probably get on your tweets.

According to Get Response, the average open rate for email in all industries is between 15-21%. And the average “click through” rate is around 3.57%.

In these cases, email marketing has the clear advantage, but depending on what your marketing objectives are, social media could be a better option. The bottom-line is, think strategically, don’t just jump into any marketing activities without strategic planning.

This is a general lay of the land.

Small Business Marketing Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

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