Question! Have you ever gone to a seminar, read a book or article, watched a video and discovered some great marketing ideas that you believe could help you grow your business? I’m sure your answer is yes.

How many of those great ideas have you IMPLEMENTED? For many of you, a lack of good ideas is not the problem; it’s a lack of focus and commitment to IMPLEMENT your ideas.

Often you know what to do, but you may not know what to do first or how to get started. Other times we get distracted by the latest “shiny object” before we IMPLEMENT the ideas we already have. So we start a lot of projects, but they don’t get completed.

Here are three steps to help you get things done.


Select one and only one project to work on at a time. Failure is usually a result of trying to IMPLEMENT too many good ideas at the same time.


Work with an accountability partner. Like a Marketing Coach. 🙂


Make a commitment to starting and completing your project in a specific length of time.

If you have marketing ideas rolling around in your head that you just can’t seem to get implement, call me I can help.

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