Effective And Affordable Marketing Made Easy

How Can I Help You?

You should use my services to help you develop and implement Effective ONLINE and OFFLINE, Targeted Marketing Strategies and Tactics, that will Increase your Sales and Grow your business over time.

Who should use my services?

1. Small business owners actively looking to take their business to a higher level by increasing their sales and growing their profits through effective marketing. Restaurants, Tradesmen, Health and Wellness service providers will all benefit from using my services.

2. Sales professionals who are seriously committed to building and growing their client base. Real Estate Agents and Financial Advisors.

Why should you do business with me?

Results – Your bottom line is making more money. The help you get from me will unlock hidden marketing opportunities to help you grow your profits. You’ll discover how to attract more quality leads that are easier to convert to customers or clients, generate referrals and win more repeat business.

You’ll get access to an unlimited amount of FREE resources and tools to help you improve your skills as a business owner, or sales professional. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me right now 204-783-6342.

There’s no one specific method that will bring you spectacular marketing success However I have many tested, proven and affordable ideas that when implemented together over time, will increase your sales.

Why do you need to market your business consistently?

Because effective marketing is the ONLY way to significantly increase your sales and grow your business.

  • To attract qualified leads and acquire new business

  • To service current customers or clients, encourage repeat sales

  • To retain your current clients, promote customer loyalty


has been providing training for the YMCA-YWCA Business Training Centre for the
past year. He’s an exceptional, dynamic trainer.”

Shannon Fontaine Director
Self-Employment Program(former)


“Now and then in advertising you have a chance to approach clients and prospects
in a gutsy, in-your face way, but stops shorts of offending them. Mr. Toney’s Client Contact Programs gives you that opportunity.”

Jerry Fisher:
Entrepreneur Magazine (former)