Customer-Retention StrategiesEven if you have been in business for many years and have an established customer base, the only way to continue to grow your business is by keeping your customers satisfied and happy.

Your satisfied customers will help you produce more customers by way of positive online reviews, word of mouth recommendations and referrals. Growing your bottom line with their repeat business is also a major benefit to implementing sound customer retention strategies. If you want to build and maintain customer relationships, try these four valuable customer retention strategies.


Consumers love to keep up with the latest news and trends. No matter what type of business you run, keeping an updated blog that focuses on industry news and the issues your customers are dealing with will keep your customers interested in your products and services.

Search engines love blogs, so having a blog can help drive traffic to your website. You can also use your blog to promote new products, sales, or upcoming events so your customers can stay involved in your business.

Loyalty Programs

For many companies, a significant amount of their  income is generated from repeat sales; that’s because it’s more costly to acquire new  customers than it does to keep your current ones.

It’s obviously smart business to focus on retention, but few businesses do. Adding value to your existing customers experiences will keep them coming back and loyalty programs are a low-cost ways to accomplish this goal.

Discounts or free products will often appeal to customers who love your products and services. Implementing different types of rewards programs will help you generate repeat sales from your existing customers.

Questionnaires & Surveys

Your customer have opinions, whether good or bad, they may want to share their opinions. Offering questionnaires & surveys to your customers helps them feel involved in your company and lets them express their needs and wants.

Show them their opinions are valued by implementing their suggestions where viable, or by offering to remedy any negative situation they may share with you.

Email Newsletter

Maintaining relationships should be a priority for ever business. You don’t want to be the kind of business that only reaches out to your customers when you want something (a sale) from them. A monthly email newsletter can be an effective way to maintain relationships with your customer.

An email newsletter that goes to your own “tribe” of people consistently is one of the best low-cost marketing strategies you can implement.

But the key is to provide an email newsletter that is valuable to your recipients.
One that informs and educates them on issues that are interested in. Retaining your customers must be based on mutually beneficial relationships.
If your newsletter content is only ads and sales promotions , it’s the wrong way to go.

You work really hard to acquire new customers, if you don’t have retention strategies your customers will feel neglected and you’ll make it easy for your competitors to raid your customer base. By implementing these four valuable customer retention strategies, you’ll continue to build your business by taking proactive steps to develop loyal, long-term customers or clients.

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