VIDEO MARKETINGThere was a time when business owners had to be convinced they needed a website. Now most business owners accept it as a necessary marketing tool  for doing business in 2016. Now business owners also need to realize that video marketing is is becoming a must have marketing strategy.

If you’re still not convinced of the importance of using videos in your marketing strategy, here are some facts that should convince you to start doing your research on video marketing.

  1. YouTube has a billion unique users a month, and it gets 4 billion views per day. About 6 billion hours’ worth of videos are seen every month.
  2. The typical Internet user is exposed to an average of 32.2 videos in a month. About 78% of the people online watch at least once a week and 55% watch at least one video every day. That’s about 100 million people who watch online videos every day.
  1. In June 2013, more than 85% of US internet users watched videos online. The total number of videos viewed reached 44 billion.
  1. Every day on Facebook, you cannot count the number of hours’ worth of videos being shared. That’s because in one single day, you’ll need 500 years to watch the shared videos. On Twitter, in one minute about 700 YouTube videos are being shared.
  1. If you get into video marketing, you may catch up with your competition, which are most likely engaged in video marketing already. In 2011, about 70% of senior marketing execs were already using videos on their marketing efforts. By 2012, this figure jumped to more than 81%.
  1. About 90% of all shoppers (as reported by a major retailer website) said they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. Retailers are also reporting that the products online which included videos were selling much better.
  1. About half of all people who watch a video ad took some action afterward. They may have done more research on the subject of the video, visited the website featured in the ad, visited the actual shop in the real world, or just bought the product outright.
  1. In an online retail store, people who watch a video were 64% more likely to buy the item after watching the video.
  1. People love to comment on videos. That’s where you can gain a lot more knowledge about your viewership and your potential customers. Here is where you can also engage in interaction with the people who saw the video. In addition, you can also easily check how many people saw the videos, and where they logged off.
  1. Your videos are essentially permanent. That’s the trouble with TV ads— you have to pay each time or else it’s taken off the air. But that’s not the problem here with online videos.
  2. You can reach mobile viewers as well. Online videos account for about half of all Internet traffic on movie devices.
  1. You can also use videos for your email marketing. Twice as many people click through to your website when you include a video in your email message.

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Source: Video Warrior