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You Too Can Get Proven, Tested Online And Offline Marketing Strategies To Help You Grow Your Business

kevin toney marketing coachAs a Small Business owner, you want to develop a profitable, loyal customer base. However, if you’re like most small business owners you probably pay little attention to a critical success factor: Marketing. You know marketing is important to achieving your full potential, but you may not have the skills, expertise or time to do an effective job marketing your products or services on your own.

Hiring a marketing firm or a full-time person to develop, implement, and track your marketing is usually not an option because of the extra costs involved.

You try to market your products or services on your own, but you never seem to have the time to focus on developing effective marketing strategies. As a result, your marketing is inconsistent and haphazard. And too often your efforts are not rewarded with increasing sales.

Marketing is the key to attracting new customers or clients, increasing repeat business, and getting a steady flow of referrals. Your long-term success and growth will depend heavily on how effective of a marketer you become. 

If you’re like most Small Business owners, you’re probably experiencing these marketing and advertising challenges. You want to increase your sales and grow your business, but you have a limited marketing budget. When you do spend money on marketing the results are usually disappointing.

Small Business Marketing Solution

Make a decision now to actively partner with me to make your marketing efforts more focused, strategic and systematic. You’ll discover hidden marketing assets in your business that you can maximize and leverage to Increase Your Sales 25%-100% and more, without having to spend a lot of extra money on advertising.

There is no one specific marketing strategy or tactic that will propel you into new heights of success, but there are many small, effective, low-cost and targeted strategies that will grow your customer base over time. All that is required from you is a strong commitment and a road map that I will help you stay focus.

Five Specific Ways You Will Benefit When You Partner With Me to Improve Your Marketing

1. I have many tested and proven low-cost, targeted marketing strategies and tactics that you can implement immediately to grow your business. You’ll get access to my SEVEN STEPS TO MORE SALES PLAN.

2. You’ll save money and get a better return on your investment

You’re probably wasting thousands of dollars on marketing that’s not increasing your sales and you don’t even know it. The only way to find out is to do an assessment of your current marketing activities. I’ll do an assessment for you and make suggestions on how you can improve your marketing and get a better return on your investment.

3. Take advantage of expert advice

I have the knowledge and tools to help you grow your business. I’ve spent over 25 years studying and learning from some of the most successful marketers of our time. And every day I continue to do research and take workshops on effective, tested and proven marketing strategies and tactics.

4. Get a fresh, new, objective look at your marketing

As business owners, we get so close and intimate with our daily operations that we often lose sight of the big picture and don’t see things the way they really are. By hiring me as your coach you’ll gain fresh, new, innovative perspectives to help your business grow.

5. I can implement your marketing ideas for you

Most coaches and consultants will tell you what to do, but few actually know how to physically implement their ideas. I can do the implementation for you if required and save you money and hours of frustration.

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