Whenever I ask small business owners what they think marketing is I usually get two words; advertising and selling. Marketing isn’t just advertising or selling.

It’s a strategic approach to acquiring new prospects and customers. It’s the process of finding individuals or businesses that are most likely to need and want your product or service and can afford to pay for it.

Marketing is about finding out what the needs of your potential customers are;their challenges and problems; then educating them on how your products or services will benefit them by solving their problems.

It’s also about implementing activities that will develop relationships with customers and prospects so you can get them to like and trust you, while encouraging them to give you referrals and repeat business.

So next time you hear the word marketing, think way, way beyond advertising and selling. Don’t just think of it as one single event or ad.

Marketing is most effective for small business owners when they use many different strategies and tactics, working together to achieve a common goal, like increasing your sales.
According to world renowned management guru, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, business has two main functions: to INNOVATE and to MARKET.


I’m not going to sugarcoat it, social media marketing is very time consuming and the most time consuming thing is finding and developing content that people will be attracted to and engage with.

This video will give you some guidance and ideas on what kind of content to post. If you have any questions about social media marketing feel free to give me a call. (204) 783-6342


Know Like Trust21  Ways to get Your Target Market to “Know, Like, and Trust”  YOU

It is said that your chances of making a sale is zero if  your target audience does not KNOW, LIKE or TRUST  YOU.  Small businesses usually tackle the KNOW factor  with traditional awareness advertising, but do very little about the LIKE and TRUST factors. Here are some tips to help tackle all three factors.

 Six Ways to help You Become Known

  1. Make sure you’re talking to the right audience
  2. Become an EXPERT in a Niche
  3. Create, Curate and distribute content your audience will like and value
  4. 4 Develop a “VALUE ADDED” free product to give away (offer a detailed solution packaged in an eBook, special report, video, or white paper)
  5. Encourage people to share your content via social media
  6. Build relationships with key influencers

Seven Actions to Build Your Likability Online

  1. Be yourself, authenticity sells
  2. Be nice! Nice guys don’t always finish last
  3. Encourage people to start a two way conversation with you
  4. Get to know your target market better via research and asking questions to discover their key issues
  5. Use multiple medias to get the most visibility
  6. Social media – 95% Relationship Building, 5% selling
  7. Share other people’s content and give credit, site source

Eight Factors That Help Build Trust

  1. Give away valuable information
  2. Whatever marketing you do be consistent
  3. Use testimonials in your marketing
  4. Use Case Studies
  5. Avoid industry jargon
  6. It’s ok to Apologize when you need to
  7. Use content marketing to avoid being and looking pushy
  8. Offer guarantees if possible in your industry

Source: CopyBlogger.com

Listing your business in Free Online Directories is an effective strategy to improve your presence online. It helps to improve your rankings with the various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Select the directories that you think will work best for your industry. watch the video now.



Google Search Algorithm Update April 20Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times a year. While most of these changes are minor, Google sometimes rolls out a “major” algorithmic update that affects search results in significant ways.

On April 20th, 2015 Google is going to make a major update to it’s search engine Algorithm. Why should you care? Starting April 21, 2015, Google will give preference to “Mobile friendly” websites in search results. If your website is NOT Mobile compliant your website may not show up in the mobile search results.

“This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.” (Search Engine watch)

If you don’t have a mobile compliant website, it’s critical that you develop one. You have two options:

1. Keep your current site and develop a mobile dedicated site, fairly cost effective and very “user friendly”
2. Develop a brand new site that is designed to be “RESPONSIVE” to all screen sizes.

Data compiled from several sources  show that dedicated mobile sites have a much better conversion rate because they are designed specifically for mobile platforms. They usually load faster and are easier to navigate. The bottom line, they give your visitors a better mobile user experience. Responsive sites will save you time when updating, because you only have to deal with one site.

Did you know?

61% of mobile users will immediately leave a website that isn’t mobile friendly.

70% of mobile searches that land on an optimized mobile website result in a purchase, a signup or other positive action in the near future.

Developing a dedicated mobile website or a responsive site will put you in compliance  with the new Google algorithm changes. I can help you develop either option. But right now you can get a mobile dedicated site for only $297.00 (Save $100.00) This offer expires April 30th. When you order your mobile dedicated site you will also get a FREE E-book: Mobile Marketing For Local Businesses. Tips and ideas on how to use mobile marketing to grow your business.

Failure to make your website “Mobile friendly”  will have significant negative consequences for your  search results.

Do you know if your website is Mobile compliant?  Click Here to take Google’s test.

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Google Search Algorithm   Update April 20

Newsflash! Most people care about themselves. They don’t care about you or your business. But they do care what your products or services will DO for them.

Will your products and services make them happier, save them money, make them money or save them time? It’s vital to know and understand what motivates your potential customers to buy from you.

Most people buy on emotion then justify it logically. Why? Because we are all genetically programmed with desires or needs that must be fulfilled. Researchers call them our “Primary Desires.”

They include:

  1. Survival, enjoyment and extension of life
  2. Enjoyment of food
  3. Freedom from fear, pain and danger
  4. Sexual companionship
  5. Comfortable living conditions
  6. Opportunity to be a winner
  7. Care and protection of the ones we love
  8. Social approval 

Can you resist your desire to eat for very long? Can you quash your will to survive? Is it easy to repress your desire for comfort and sexual companionship? Do you ever stop caring and wanting to protect your kids? We all want these things and often go to extraordinary lengths to get them.

Sure, there are more things that you want and researches have come up with a list of nine that they call “Secondary Human Wants or learned needs:

  1. To be informed
  2. Curiosity
  3. Clean body and surroundings
  4. Efficiency
  5. Convenience
  6. Dependability or quality
  7. Expression of beauty and style
  8. Wealth or profit
  9. Bargains 

Smart marketing and sales should appeal to the eight natural biological needs and the nine learned wants.

As previously mentioned, people mostly buy on emotion. So it’s important that you include a combination of the natural biological needs and the learned wants in all your marketing.  Contact me if you want to learn more about this subject.


Small business marketing. kevin Toney Marketign coachThe main goal of every restaurant owner is pretty much the same: get people to come eat at your establishment. These days, that usually means that you must give people some sort of an incentive to do so. That doesn’t mean your food isn’t good or that your staff isn’t professional. It just simply means that there are so many choices out there; you need to give people a slight nudge in your own direction.

There are countless ways to do this. However, one way that seems to work very well for a lot of restaurants is starting a birthday club. A birthday club is when you ask customers to sign up for an email list from your establishment. In doing so, you ask for their birthday. When it’s time for their birthday, you send them a coupon for a special offer that’s usually good through the week of their birthday. Some restaurants offer an entire meal for free, while others offer half off a meal, or a free appetizer. The offer is completely up to you.

Are you still not convinced? Here are some reasons a birthday club may be good for business:

Birthdays Are a Group Event: Most people want to get a group of friends and family together for a birthday celebration. They also don’t want to cook on their birthday. This is when they remember that they have a birthday coupon from your restaurant to use. They take their big group of friends and family with them to your establishment and you just may have yourself some new regulars—not to mention a lot of business that particular night.

Word of Mouth Marketing: “What are you doing for your birthday?” This is a completely normal question that everyone hears on their birthday. Wouldn’t you love for the answer to be your restaurant’s name? You will have a better chance of that if you offer incentives on birthdays. People definitely talk and that can be extremely helpful in marketing for your restaurant.

Everyone’s Doing It: That hardly seems like a reason. However, in this case, it is. There are so many restaurants that offer birthday incentives. If your establishment doesn’t do this, there is a good chance you will lose out on business because people will find somewhere else to go on their birthday.

Email Marketing: You know how important communication with your customers is. Many people don’t want to sign up for an email list without an incentive. A birthday coupon is just the incentive they need to sway their decision. Once you have their email address, you can keep them updated on other events and promotions your establishment is offering.

Birthday clubs are a great idea and very good for business. You can offer a coupon or gift certificate that works for you and your business. This is not only a great way to celebrate with your customers, but it is a great way to make them feel appreciated.

Mobile Marketing, Text Mesage, SMS MarketingSMS marketing, also known as text message marketing, is a great way to stay in touch with your customers. The SMS stands for ‘short message service.’ It means that you send tiny text messages of 160 characters (in Canada 136) or less to your target market’s cell phones with special offers, deals, updates, news and whatever else you think they should know about your business.

You can use SMS marketing in a number of different ways. Many companies use it to increase sales by offering special deals to their customers and for lead generation to build their database. It increases customer loyalty by keeping you in touch with them. You canliterally put your marketing message directly into the hands of your current and potential customers.

The great thing about SMS marketing is that 80% of all mobile device users have their phones on them at all times. This means that they get your message immediately; it doesn’t end up in an email inbox waiting to be seen. Did you know that over 95 percent of all text messages are read with ten minutes?

Building Your Text Database

It’s extremely easy to build an SMS subscriber list. Usually, all you have to do is ask. Tell your customers that if they sign up, they’ll receive deals and special offers. Most of them will be happy to get them. You must get people to “OPT-IN”
to get texts from you. Contest giveaways are quite effective at getting people to participate.

You should also use your online presence to get new customers. On your website, blog and social media profiles, let people know that they can get exclusive deals. You can speed up the process by offering a special incentive just for signing up for your text promotions, freebie or discount on your services are effective.

The Challenge of SMS Marketing

Remember that SMS stands for ‘SHORT message service.’ As I mentioned, these messages have to be 160 characters or less.

It takes a bit of skill to craft such a tiny message and also give it some impact. The best way to do this is to focus each message on only one thing. If you’ve got a special sale and a new product line to promote, turn that into two broadcast messages. The best messages contain 3 bits of key information:

  • The details of the deal, promotion or sale
  • How it benefits them
  • What they need to do to get it (the call to action).

One more thing about your messages – don’t use text lingo (i.e. LOL) to make it shorter. It looks goofy and unprofessional.

How to Perfect Your Campaign

To do SMS marketing, you have to hire a bulk messaging provider. They’ll send out the messages for you cheaply and also track your results. The results are extremely important because they’ll help you improve your campaigns.

At first, do some testing to see what works best. For example, try sending out messages at different times of the day or on different days of the week to see what gets the best response. The statistics will tell you how many people opened and read your message. This will tell you how to refine your campaign.

Text Message (SMS) marketing is a great way for offline businesses to get new customers and retain the old ones. Now that everybody’s going mobile with their smartphones, it’s an even better way to keep in touch and make sales.

You can contact me for a Free e-book on Text Message Marketing or to answer any questions you have on text Message marketing or mobile marketing in general. I can help you develop and implement your text message campaigns.

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